Our Students have great things to say

Rose taught piano to my daughters for 7 years.  Going to piano lessons was the highlight of each week for my girls.  She was an excellent teacher:  fun, enjoyable, passionate, encouraging, patient and nurturing.  She is an incredibly gifted piano teacher, professional and warm in her communication style.

Rose cares about her students and takes the time to build a relationship with them.  Her excellent skill and ability in relating to her students and their families is by far none.  Rose is a true master of her craft!  She was always able to assess what areas of my daughters’ piano training needed work and planned and delivered her lessons accordingly.  She challenged them and always knew when they were ready for the next step.

Rose teaches with love and passion, attentiveness and flexibility, and she brought out the best in my girls.  I truly appreciated the way she kept me informed and updated about each of my daughters’ learning styles and how she quickly picked up on their preferences in musical genres and gave them ample options to choose from.

Rose imparted in my daughters the joy of learning and they have become life-long learners of piano and have taken away skills such as patience, dedication and confidence.  We could not have asked for a better piano teacher and we would highly recommend Rose.

She is a true gem!

Maria Bonata

Mrs. Rose Traves’s has a musical gift.

Four years ago, our four year old son started to learn to play the piano with Ms Rose. We are very happy with her teaching capability, her patience and general understanding of a child’s music needs.

She has worked with due attention, encouragement and reliability.

Our son is the first one in our families who has developed his music abilities, which has also impacted on the development of his personality, such as helping him to be calm and to focus on his tasks.

Finally, it is priceless to listen to our son to play the piano, to read music and to perform in front of an audience during the annual piano concert that Mrs. Rose Traves’s organizes.

She is highly recommended by us. Annelexis Rodriguez-Bacchus and Fazaad Bacchus. 


Rose Traves is an exceptional music teacher with more than 35 years experience teaching privately as well as small groups of children with parents through the Music For Young Children program.

As an entrepreneur who thinks outside the box, she created and developed here own company, Staff Notes, to provide an assortment of visual teaching aids and games that have delighted both teachers and students of all ages and grades.

Energetic, enthusiastic, respectful, creative, helpful, organized, motivated, dependable – I can’t say enough about Rose. Having worked alongside her for more than twenty years I have firsthand knowledge that any student having her for a teacher is very fortunate indeed!

Lillie Mowat / Music Teacher

Rose is an amazing piano teacher. It’s impossible to run out of good things to say about her! She’s a very dedicated and knowledgeable piano teacher that is always kind, patient, and understanding to her students.

She has taught my brother and me for many years. I have always looked forward to attending my piano lessons with her as they were always engaging and lots of fun. I would still be excited about learning the piano even after her lessons! She guided me through every step of the way of my musical journey and led me to great results, such as getting my own piano teaching certificate.

I’m so glad that Rose was the one who helped me with my music, which has become a very important and special part of my life!

Amanda Huynh

Rose Traves is an incredibly skilled & talented pianist with great methods of instruction. Her patient step by step & tailored instruction perfectly fit the learning style & needs of my child. As a result, he developed a passion for learning how to play the piano & to persevere through difficult lessons & practice to perfection.

My son had private lessons with Rose Traves for 6 years, and during that time he gained great confidence & skill development from the encouragement received from Mrs. Traves’ direct instruction.

As a teacher myself I can attest that Mrs. Traves was dedicated & consistent in her instruction and this positively impacted other areas of his current education achievement.

I highly recommend Rose Traves as a wonderful instructor.

Joy Blackwood-Montgomery

Mrs. Traves has been our daughter’s piano teacher for nearly 10 years now! Mrs. Traves is very patient, well organized and teaches a variety of music that maintains the interest of her students. Her wealth of knowledge and teaching techniques is top-notch, and her passion for music is unmatched!

Every year Mrs. Traves organizes a musical concert for the kids to allow them to perform for families and friends, it is always a beautiful concert and it is great to see the kids perform what they have learnt over the year. The adoration and respect that Mrs. Traves students have for her is beyond measure.

We highly recommend Mrs. Traves! 

Audra-Lee, Lorrie and Roy

I can’t say enough how wonderful Rose is as a mentor and piano teacher!

Her lessons are in a clear and pleasant style and she has a wealth of musical knowledge.

As an adult piano student, I have appreciated her lessons and encouragement.

I completed my grade 8 RCM and have started my own piano studio thanks to her!

Angela Dragt