Getting Ready for your Live Online Piano Lesson

Here are some steps you can take to prepare before your lesson begins:

Download Zoom

If you haven’t already, you need to download the Zoom app.

Zoom is an app that allows people to meet face-to-face online with video and audio. It’s free and requires no subscription. Zoom will work on your computer desktop or laptop either with the zoom client or right in the chrome browser. Zoom also works with Tablets and phones by downloading the zoom app.

For your laptop or computer visit or click the link below and download the “Zoom Client for Meetings” at the top.

or Download the app for Android/ios by clicking the respective link below:

Setup Zoom

  • After installing and launching Zoom please enter your real name so that Rose can recognize you.
  • “Zoom would like to Access the Camera.” Choose OK. This will allow Rose to see you playing and interact with you.
  • “Join with Video” Press the Blue Button.
  • “Zoom would like to access your microphone”. Choose OK. This will allow Rose to talk with you and hear you play.
  • “Zoom would like to Send you Notifications”. Choos Allow. The notification will be sent to you when your lesson is about to begin if you have setup scheduling with Rose.
  • In “Advanced Settings” on laptops or desktop computers choose “Enable Original Sound”. This will allow the music to come through clearly without being suppressed as background noise.

A Day or two before the Lesson

  • Make sure you have an assignments completed and ready to show Rose during the lesson.
  • Familiarize yourself with the link “Start Lesson” at the top of this site and make sure you have the password for the meeting. When your lesson starts, you can come to this site ( and click “Start Lesson” at the top right to launch the Zoom meeting.

A few Hours Before the Lesson

  • Ensure the device you are going to use to connect to the meeting is fully charged or plugged in near the Piano.
  • Find all your music books and assingments
  • Find a pen and pencil and keep them with a notebook or paper near the piano.

10 Minutes before the Lesson

  • Make sure you’ve already used the washroom.
  • Remind other members in your household that it’s time to limit their internet use, especially large uploads from things like cloud storage (OneDrive, dropbox etc…). Streaming movies or excessive downloads including Youtube can create a poor connection and affect the quality of your connection.
  • Be ready at your instrument. (Very young students should be ready with their parent or helper).
  • Setup your phone, tablet or computer with the camera facing yourself and Instrument. Ideally, your camera can see the keys (from the side is fine) and you should be able to see the screen for instructions from Rose.

Connect to your lesson on Zoom

  • You can connect an logon with the password provided by Rose to your lesson early if you like. This helps to prevent facing last minute problems with your device or Internet. When you connect early to your lesson, you will be brought into a waiting room until the lesson starts. It’s completely fine to connect to your lesson as early as you like to ensure you will not face any technical issues when the lesson starts.
  • Zoom has a built in interface to test your video and microphone.
  • When your lesson begins, Rose will bring you into the meeting from the waiting room to begin.
  • Zoom will prompt “To hear others please join audio”. Choose Call using Internet Audio (or Computer Audio)

Technical Issues

  • Any lesson that cannot be finished with the original device, can be finished on a regular telephone.