Rose Traves is an incredibly skilled & talented pianist with great methods of instruction. Her patient step by step & tailored instruction perfectly fit the learning style & needs of my child. As a result, he developed a passion for learning how to play the piano …

Joy B.-M.

Rose is an amazing piano teacher. It’s impossible to run out of good things to say about her! She’s a very dedicated and knowledgable piano teacher that is always kind, patient, and understanding to her students. … She guided me through every step of the way of my musical journey and led me to great results, such as getting my own piano teaching certificate. I’m so glad that Rose was the one who helped me with my music …

Amanda H.

I can’t say enough how wonderful Rose is as a mentor and piano teacher!Her lessons are in a clear and pleasant style and she has a wealth of musical knowledge. As an adult piano student, I have appreciated her lessons and encouragement.I completed my grade 8 RCM and have started my own piano studio thanks to her!

Angela D.


No prior requirements in music are necessary. A computer, Tablet or phone are required to connect during the lesson to provide instruction and feedback. We currently use the Zoom platform during lessons which is free for students and requires no subscriptions.

Any piano will do. If this is your first introduction to piano and you do not currently have the instrument, Rose can guide you through many affordable options to start. An expensive piano is not needed to learn.

The best piano teacher in the entire universe Rose Traves . not only were you my piano teacher for 20 years but my friend, and my life coach. without you i wouldn’t have the music knowledge or the passion that i have for music today and music is absolutely everything to me. so thank you for existing and touching my life in a way that no one else has.

Brie M. / Facebook

Mrs. Traves has been our daughter’s piano teacher for nearly 10 years now! Mrs. Traves is very patient, well organized and teaches a variety of music that maintains the interest of her students. Her wealth of knowledge and teaching techniques is top-notch, and her passion for music is unmatched! Every year Mrs. Traves organizes a musical concert for the kids to allow them to perform for families and friends, it is always a beautiful concert and it is great to see the kids perform what they have learnt over the year. The adoration and respect that Mrs. Traves students have for her is beyond measure.

We highly recommend Mrs. Traves!

Howse Family

Rose taught piano to my daughters for 7 years.Going to piano lessons was the highlight of each week for my girls.She was an excellent teacher:fun, enjoyable, passionate, encouraging, patient and nurturing.She is an incredibly gifted piano teacher, professional and warm in her communication style.Rose cares about her students and takes the time to build a relationship with them.Her excellent skill and ability in relating to her students and their families is bar none.Rose is a true master of her craft!…. Rose imparted in my daughters the joy of learning and they have become life-long learners of piano and have taken away skills such as patience, dedication and confidence.We could not have asked for a better piano teacher and we would highly recommend Rose.She is a true gem!

Maria Bonata

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    Music has always been a common thread in my life. Starting at the early age of 5. Due to my father’s work we relocated our home every 3 years and I found myself being reintroduced to many different teachers. Looking back, I realized the vast knowledge gained from each one.

    My first experience of public playing was a tough one as my father was the Chaplin for the Salvation Army’s Correctional Services and every Sunday morning I was the pianist for services in such places as Kingston Penitentiary, Collins Bay Institution and Women’s Prison. My passion started at that time as I realized the dynamic change that it could have on the listener.

    I continued my studies as I travelled across the provinces and completed my Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 10 in Calgary. My music took me to volunteer for my first Piano Teaching at the Home for Abused Children Centre and soon became to realize that the audiences had become more personalized to individual students. Music had given many a child a release from their reality.

    Corporate business opportunities were pursued, but the desire to teach never left. Private teaching was beginning to grow, and a studio was generated.

    My education was expanded and training for Music for Young Children was taken and achieved, group lessons were started. Student and parent were being taught at the same time, these were very exhilarating times. Rhythm instruments, theory lessons, vocal training and of course piano were balanced. My teaching toolbox was expanding!

    Finally, I left the Corporate world to pursue music full time in the Schools. One on one lessons were given throughout the day.  Organization and adaptability were now my best friends. I was approached to begin my next journey by the Montessori School to be their Music Teacher & Coordinator. This position involved one on one lessons with students, along with group Casa lessons for each classroom.  The challenge was to develop a program to reach the younger children ages (2-6) and give them a solid foundation while balancing an early love and passion for music. Relationship building was the key to unlock this door. Once again, another program was developed to reach these very important students. An amazing journey that has lasted ten years.

    The unique ability to create music teaching aids, programs and games brought me into my next venture. I created a company to distribute these materials for Waterloo Music, RCM, Music for Young Children and Montessori School.

    2020 arrived and along with it came COVID-19. This changed everything and opened a whole new way of non-contact teaching online. I now find myself in a new world of technology. Where my piano and bench sat alone before, they are now surrounded by three cameras, monitors, boom microphone and computers. The technology has allowed me to be one on one with all my students without the worry of contact or transmission of the virus. This now allows my students to log in for their private lessons and receive the personal attention of a one to one lesson without the need to travel and benefit from the lesson in the comfort and safety of their own homes.